August 5, 2019

Monday, August 5


Welcome to August, the eight month of the year, and named after Augustus Caesar, the venerable statesman of Rome, the first emperor of the Roman Empire, and a great nephew of Julius Caesar. 

But enough of history. We have writing to do.

I am amping up the prompts for this month, because September is on the horizon. September is the month when school begins, when vacations end, when intellectual rigor repositions itself into a place of stature on the mantelpiece of our lives. 

Which means I want you to get your imagination going. The prompt this week requests that you write no more than 500 words. A simple letter to a friend. I devised this prompt from a classified advertisement I read in The Hartford Courant about 15 years ago seeking job applicants for a camp in eastern Connecticut. At the time, I remember thinking, “what a great story.” But I never did it – too many other stories going on at the time.

Here is the prompt:

You have been seeking a job for months when you receive a call from Bill, who runs a naturist camp in eastern Connecticut. You have no idea what a naturist camp is. Bill has run into a friend of yours who mentioned you have a terrific personality and are looking for a job; Bill needs an employee for his front desk who has a terrific personality and needs a job. You are thrilled and flattered. He asks you to visit his camp to see what you think. You make an appointment. On the day of, you drive out to the camp and what do you encounter?

You tell me. Remember, you are writing a descriptive letter to a friend regarding this particular day. 

Have fun with this.