December 3, 2019

Tuesday, December 3

I hope all of you had a contemplative day of giving thanks. I thought I might give you an idea for a writing prompt before Thanksgiving, but it occurred to me that you might be so occupied with the concept as to adversely affect your ability to converse with friend or kin.

So I’ve waited. 

And here we are.

It is often said that porn stars create their names from the name of their first dog – in my case Biscuit – and the name of the first street they lived on, or the first street they lived on that actually had a name and not a number – so in my case, Winter. 

My porn star name, therefore, would be Biscuit Winter. 

One can now see why porn stars possess the names they possess. The first name is born from affection; even Killer was probably named with fondness. 

The last name is often a reflection of the neighborhood developer’s tastes: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, Newbury, Bradbury, Roxbury. Roast Meat Hill Road, Puddinghill, Sensible Spoonbill. 

Create your porn star name. Then pin it on one of the attendees at this past Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps your sister or brother. Your nephew. His significant other. The dog. Anybody. Describe them. Describe how they interact with the others. Do anything you want with this. 

   Keep it short. 

   Entertain the reader.   

   As always, have fun. And when you are done, read your work to a loved one, your cat, dog, gerbil, oven, the stars in the sky. If you are a Candlelighter, send it to me. You may not hear back from me, but know I have read it. 

— Jane